Bio: Hello! I am Phebe. I have graduated from Sheridan college with a Craft and Design: Glass Diploma. My artistic journey began when I was 3 years old; I enjoyed drawing very much, and often looked at classical paintings with biblical themes in books. This continues through out my life, the genres of paintings I enjoy looking at also expanded to surrealism, Renaissance, and more. I never stopped drawing and painting, and often took art classes on weekends until l graduated from high school. I was enrolled in the Art Fundamentals program at Sheridan to seek out what form of art I want to fine-tune. I ended up creating a lot of surrealist paintings. After the one year program, I went on to study Early Childhood Education under the suggestion of my mother, which I absolutely hated, so I went back to Sheridan to further my artistic journey by being enrolled in the Visual and Creative Arts program. After one year, I decided to apply to the Craft and Design: Glass program, where I learn glass blowing, and other ways of working with glass for artistic purposes. I enjoy it very much, and has since painted a lot less due to my focus in glass art.


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